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Our business social responsibility

To our opinion today in Russia historical business traditions and production culture are closely connected to the business social responsibility, and that is why from our very hearts we support Russian Social Justice Association, accepting the goals and strategies of this social organization:

  • All the possible help to disabled and socially insecure people;
  • Life quality increase assistance and poverty overcome programs fulfillment;
  • Social cohesion reinforcement and reduce of social and political safety threats.

In order to reach these goals, the Association cooperates with federal, regional and municipal authorities. Together with involved departments and different Russian social organizations they develop and realize targeted social programs that are meant to solve the existing problems and help social insecure individuals.
The financing of these programs is based on charity income of their own business, but also on the investments from socially responsible companies.
The Association managed to create effective mechanism of investment attraction and they spend all the money to help socially insecure people. 
The Association wants to create civilized mutually beneficial social relations between authorities and businessmen. The investors are chosen according to their charity reputation and their attitude to the basic Russian values, such as mutual help, mercy and social justice. 
The Association system proved to be effective and allowed the organization to realize a huge social program meant to solve existing problems.
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