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Wide geography

We have the possibility to gather raw willow-herb plants all over Russia, that is why we can create unique blends. We deliver raw production from more than 10 regions, the main of which are:

  • Altai Krai
  • Vologda region
  • Irkutsk region
  • Krasnoyarsk krai
  • Leningrad region
  • Novgorod region
  • Novosibirsk region
  • Omsk region
  • Sergiyevo-Posadsky district of Moscow region 
  • Tomsk region
  • Tyumen region
  • Karelia
  • This is the reason why «Geada» production has such a wide variety of tastes, aromas and ways of use in accordance with needs of different age customer groups. 


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Moscow’s office
Address: Moscow,
Myasnitskaya str. 47, office 355
Phones: +7 (499) 514-14-00
Address of production
10, Vasilkovaia st.,
Blagoveshenka village, Moscow region